Our quality management

For us, quality means a coordinated mixture of motivated employees, professional competence and well-thought-out management systems.

Intensive quality control of all materials used and of the finished products, whether software or hardware, leads to a high level of quality.

And as a competent solution provider with a high level of quality awareness, acquiring the necessary certificates is a matter of course.

For E.I.M.G., it is only natural to offer our customers only the best quality.

A guiding principle that has been officially confirmed with the ISO 9001:2015 and SCC** certificates.

We offer the highest quality standards and attach great importance to (occupational) safety, health and environmental protection.

Appropriate training and trained personnel for speciality areas, such as working with any voltage, highlight our sense of responsibility.

Federal Water Act (WHG)

We are certified as a specialist company according to WHG in accordance with §62 (1) AwSV.

The certification covers the following activities on equipment for handling flammable/non-flammable substances hazardous to water.

  • Installation and repair of safety-related electrical and instrumentation and control equipment, leakage indicators (leakage probes), and overfill protection systems

We have been a

“Siemens Solution Partner Large Drives”

since 2007.

A unique and trusting business relationship.



In the meantime, we have also become

“Siemens Solution Partner Cranes”.

With this partnership, we want to expand our long-standing business relationship further.