technical building equipment

Individual solutions for optimal energy efficiency

The basic prerequisite for the optimal energetic operation of an industrial plant is to consider all operational energy factors.

E.I.M.G. has been one of the leading suppliers of building services since 1973.

“Our own teams develop, produce and implement for more energy efficiency for our customers”, Dirk Bullmann, Managing Director E.I.M.G. “In doing so, we always keep in mind all of our customers’ resources”.

Energy generation

Self-sufficient systems with E.I.M.G.

E.I.M.G. designs large-scale power generation plants. With an intelligent GIREA® energy management system, you are in a position to buffer energy demand peaks and to ensure an optimised energy supply and conserve operational resources.

E.I.M.G. delivers energy via entirely independent systems.   And that is certain.

Measure – Control – Regulate

Whether state of charge, temperatures, current performance or automated process sequences.

With E.I.M.G.’s measurement and control systems, you always know what, where and how things are running. And if you want, from anywhere in the world.

Via intelligent PLC systems, you can log into the heart of your plant at any time and retrieve all data.

  • Renewable energies that compensate for fluctuations in electricity generation
  • Waste heat recovery for your heat cycle
  • Upgrading existing plants to increase energy efficiency

Die Grundvoraussetzung für den optimalen energetischen Betrieb einer industriellen Anlage, ist die Betrachtung sämtlicher betrieblicher Energiefaktoren.

Seit 1973 ist die E.I.M.G. einer der führenden Anbieter für die technische Gebäudeausrüstung.

„Wir entwickeln, produzieren und realisieren mit eigenen Teams für mehr Energieeffizienz bei unseren Kunden“, Dirk Bullmann, Geschäftsführer E.I.M.G. „Dabei haben wir stets sämtliche Ressourcen unserer Kunden im Blick“.



E.I.M.G. is a full-service provider for building services in the field of electrical engineering

  • Power engineering for medium and low voltage (transformers, switch gear, etc.)
  • In-house expertise plus supplier network, e.g. for medium-voltage connections
  • Facility management for trade and industry
  • Transformer connections on MV and LV rail systems
  • Switch gear up to 4.4 MVA (6,000A)

Complete electrotechnical equipment for industrial buildings, e.g. production facilities

  • Busbar systems, sub-distribution boards, switchgear, control rooms
  • Cable trays and cable pulley
  • Lighting, escape route lighting
  • Emergency power
  • Tests according to DGUV V3