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Practically a living, breathing thing – electrical engineering systems from E.I.M.G.

Hardly credible, but we work on solutions to problems before they even arise!

Problem and solution anticipation is the basis of our Technical Management. We have developed different solution approaches over many years for electrical engineering systems which set the direction to reflect the customer’s particular problem.

Following analysis of the particular production conditions and objectives of the customer, we then draft exclusive solution strategies for individual customers. Trained and adept in project organisation and closely familiar with practises in different working environments, we then realise the individual system for an individual plant. A system is born, as unique and perfect as an organism. So don't be surprise if you detect a pulse beating in your new system …


  • as a fundamental means-to-an-end discussion
  • during selection of components and suppliers
  • during software decision-making
  • with regard to costs, efficiency, productivity and optimising of production processes


  • Problem analysis
  • Recording the actual status
  • Development of solution variants, taking time and cost limits into consideration
  • Compilation of functional and requirement specifications

Engineering/Project management

  • Description of solution approaches
  • Project planning
  • Process organisation
  • Coordination and monitoring of performance
  • Technical documentation
  • Interface coordination/System integration

System test

  • On-site on own premises
  • Observance of all national and international standards and laws


  • Professional installation of electrical system by E.I.M.G. personnel
  • Optimum integration of electrical system in existing network


  • Education and training of customer personnel on site or at our premises
  • Individual training measures
  • Provision of temporary staff
  • Remote maintenance


The following CAD, control and process control systems are used extensively by us:

  • Siemens
    - DRIVE ES
  • Schneider Electric
    - Concept
  • Allen Bradley
  • ABB Freelance 2000
  • Scada systems/Visualisation systems
    - Win CC
    - InTouch
  • CAD systems:
    - Aucoplan
    - EPLAN
    - Solid Works