E.I.M.G. – an innovative enterprise in the electrical sector

The demands made on industrial electrical systems and machinery are continually increasing in terms of complexity and sophistication. E.I.M.G. has the know-how, experience and creativity to design customized electrical systems. Each system is then integrated completely in the individual layout of an operational plant, while simultaneously conforming to all legal requirements.

E.I.M.G. has demonstrated above-average performance in the development and realisation of electrical systems. Our more than 120 skilled employees work with commitment and professionalism to realise impressive electrical engineering solutions for a variety of different industrial applications. Only after careful analysis of the actual and target situation of a plant do our technicians and engineers design switchgear systems for the electrical engineering and air conditioning technology sectors.

And you can rely on one thing – our precision during planning, design and installation ensures that you can resume production both quickly and without any friction!